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Advice on Keeping Children Safe Near Water

Throughout the summer months we continue to hear tragic and frightening stories about children drowning in pools, lakes and oceans. Drowning can occur in an instant, with or without supervision it is important that parents and supervisors are aware that every child is... Read Article

Are self-driving cars the next wave of transportation?

Self- driving cars seem like a futuristic advancement to make cars safer, drivers more attentive and to prevent accidents from happening. Recently there have been many debates over whether or not the self- driving cars increase or decrease safety.  Tesla... Read Article

Personal Watercraft Accidents

Jet Skis, which have become a popular recreational activity during summer months, are becoming a huge concern for adrenaline-seeking watercraft enthusiast due to many tragic accidents. There has been a lack of education when it comes to proper use of personal... Read Article

Product Recalls From IKEA are Skyrocketing

Since the beginning of 2016 there have been 8 recalls of potentially dangerous IKEA products in just 6 months. Customers are frustrated that it has taken IKEA many years to respond to reports of injuries and deaths by taking hazardous products off the market.  ... Read Article


Nursing, Medical, Pharmacy and other Students work in hospitals. This is necessary because the students must have hands on experience participating in actual patient care. When these students participate in the preparation and administration of medication, they can... Read Article

Kolsby Gordon Giving Back to the Community

Catherine A. McNichol Rothenberger joins the firm with three decades of combined nursing and legal experience. At Kolsby Gordon, she focuses her practice on assisting injured patients and their families with medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury claims.... Read Article

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