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Personal Watercraft Accidents

Jet Skis, which have become a popular recreational activity during summer months, are becoming a huge concern for adrenaline-seeking watercraft enthusiast due to many tragic accidents. There has been a lack of education when it comes to proper use of personal watercrafts. Reckless driving, driver inattention, and excessive speeding are the main causes of watercraft accidents.

In 2015, the Coast Guard counted 4,158 accidents that involved 626 deaths, 2,613 injuries and approximately $42 million dollars of damage to property as a result of recreational boating accidents.

A father and his 8-year-old son who were visiting Somers Point from Maryland this holiday weekend died tragically on July 2, 2016 when authorities say their Jet Ski crashed into another Jet Ski in the Patcong Creek. Officials said a woman riding on the other Jet Ski also suffered injuries in the crash.

Safety Tips:

  • Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Constantly look in all directions for skiers, divers, swimmers and other boats or watercraft.
  • Know the waters you will be operating in and observe all applicable federal, state and local boating laws.
  • Stay in sight of shore, but avoid operating too close to residential and congested areas. Be considerate of others who share the waterways.

The attorneys at Kolsby Gordon have successfully represented victims in some of the most extreme cases of watercraft accidents. If you have been injured in an accident, call to speak with a Kolsby Gordon lawyer today.


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