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Mitchell J. Shore

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Mitchell J. Shore

Mitchell Shore is a partner at Kolsby Gordon, where he concentrates his practice on representing individuals and their families in complex medical malpractice cases, including those involving anesthesia complications, obstetric and gynecologic complications, surgical complications, delay in diagnosis of cancer, and inappropriate pharmacy practices. Mr. Shore also represented families who have sustained injuries and losses involved in tractor-trailer, auto and aviation accidents in claims against airplane manufacturers and manufacturers of aviation parts and engines. Mr. Shore has also represented families in claims against property owners and security companies resulting in serious injuries and death.

Throughout his career, Mr. Shore has been involved with various medical malpractice cases, including complex tort claims against pharmaceutical manufacturers in national drug litigation concerning Diethylstilbestrol (DES), Selacryn, Baycol, PPA, and Phen Fen. He has also represented those hurt by drug product devices including the Dalkon Shield, gastric bubbles, and bronchoscopes. In a number of cases, he has worked as local counsel with law firms from across the country, coordinating and litigating the claims of many hundreds of people.

Mr. Shore started at Kolsby Gordon as a messenger while a senior in high school in 1973, and has practiced law with the firm since graduating from law school in 1981.

A dedicated attorney known for balancing tenacity with a deep respect for both his clients and the law, Mr. Shore approaches each of his cases with unsurpassed thoroughness and efficiency.

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Our highly-trained team includes a board certified medical doctor, a nurse attorney, a nurse paralegal, and lawyers with advanced advocacy training.

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