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Tips for a Safe Halloween

By: Sarah Schindler, Esq. Over the summer, a petition caught media attention as tens of thousands of supporters signed on to move the date of Halloween to a Saturday.  The petition — which has since been changed to advocate for a Saturday Trick... Read Article

CDC Releases Physical Inactivity Map

Post by Sarah Schindler, Esq. (Featured Photo: Our very own Dr. Philip Robin snowboarding in one of the nation’s most physically active states.) On January 16th, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a map charting adult physical inactivity across the... Read Article

Infection From Open Heart Surgery

Over 250,000 heart bypass surgeries are performed in the United States each year. During the procedure a device that heats and cools the circulating blood is used to maintain a specific temperature. Over the past two years, The FDA has expressed an increasing concern... Read Article


By: Robert N. Hunn, Esquire Recently, Plaintiff attorneys have been perplexed over a report of a Superior Court Decision where the Court dismissed a woman’s medical malpractice case because it was filed more than two years from when she knew or should have known... Read Article


Sorry to disappoint but this is not another blog bashing Donald Trump. God knows there are plenty of such blogs on the internet. Rather it is my intention to identify an observation about the President’s Elect’s modus operandi that, perhaps, those on the... Read Article

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