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BMW Recalls Nearly 200,000 Crossovers

          BMW’s Crossovers are as kid-friendly as any other automaker’s vehicle, although a new recall may give some families a reason to hesitate before heading out for errands or a road trip. BMW issued a recall for almost... Read Article

Kolsby Gordon Giving Back to the Community

  At Kolsby Gordon there is a strong commitment to giving back to the community. Kolsby Gordon proudly supports numerous charitable and civic organizations. Partner Robert N. Hunn gives back to the community by taking a leadership role in the battle to end... Read Article

Tort Reformers Continue to Attack The Civil Justice System

The American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) started a movement whose mission is to engage in classic fearmongering. For many decades this movement has portrayed our civil justice legal system as broken and lays blame for a corrupt system at the feet of lawyers and... Read Article

Dangers on I-81

Kolsby Gordon represents individuals who suffer from severe injuries due to catastrophic tractor trailer and car accidents. Interstate 81 is a direct route connecting Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia. It stretches through the four-state area and is... Read Article

Bicycle Deaths Rise In Philadelphia

Kolsby, Gordon, Robin, Shore & Bezar represent and have represented individuals who suffered severe injuries due to bicycle accidents in Philadelphia. Too many individuals have been in catastrophic car and bicycle accidents due to excessive speeding and reckless... Read Article

Food Safety Recall- Possible Health Risk

The FDA recently announced a food recall on Sunflower Kernels that could cause possible health risk due to contamination of Listeria Monocytogene. Listeria Monocytogene is a pathogenic bacterium that causes the infection Listeriosis.... Read Article

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