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Susan B. Mamot

Susan B. Mamot is the office manager of Kolsby Gordon Robin & Shore.

She has been in business management since 1998 when she ran her Mail Boxes Etc. franchise. A law school graduate and inactive member of the Pennsylvania Bar herself, Ms. Mamot combined her legal knowledge and organizational skills in 2009, managing a civil defense firm in Center City for several years when she transitioned to a niche transactional law firm in West Philadelphia. She got closer to home in Delaware County with a firm in Media before COVID shut everything down.

Ms. Mamot has lived in Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Israel, South Carolina, and Idaho and enjoys traveling, puzzles, gardening and time with friends. We know her dedication to all facets of office management and her collegial attitude will add value to the Kolsby Gordon team.

Ms. Mamot holds a B.A. in Political Science and Public Policy and a J.D. from the now Widener University Delaware Law School.

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