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Dzhamal Babaeva

Dzhamal Babaeva is a paralegal at Kolsby Gordon. Alongside the firm’s attorneys, she works with clients on their cases from intake to trial or settlement.

Dzhamal Babaeva grew up in Turkmenistan and lived in Moscow, Russia prior to immigrating to the United States alone. She worked as an Office Manager, Logistics Coordinator, Interpreter and, upon arrival in the U.S., as a paralegal.

Prior to coming to Kolsby Gordon, Ms. Babaeva worked years at a major area Workers’ Compensation firm honing her skills. She brings both subject matter and technological expertise to us in an ever-changing field.

When not at work, Ms. Babaeva’s puppy, Misha, keeps her on her toes. She also enjoys speaking with her family in Turkmenistan and travelling to different parts of the world.

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Our highly-trained team includes a board certified medical doctor, a nurse attorney, a nurse paralegal, and lawyers with advanced advocacy training.

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