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Robert N. Hunn Edits This Month’s Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association Newsletter

Each month, the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association distributes The Verdict, a newsletter covering important current events, as well as recent arbitration awards, verdicts and settlements.

Attorney Robert N. Hunn sits on the editorial board of this prestigious publication, and was named editor for the March 2013 issue. In his role, Mr. Hunn oversaw the entire production process of the newsletter, including its focus on various types of insurance coverage in different types of litigation.

Along with editing the full issue, Mr. Hunn wrote a piece entitled, “Medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage.” The article breaks down the complex Medical Care Availability and Reduction Error Fund (“MCARE”), which provides insurance coverage to practicing physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers—and in which they are required to participate.

We’re eager to provide a link to the full issue once it has been released. In the meantime, we urge you to take a look at Mr. Hunn’s written contribution.

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