Legal Malpractice

We may be a little biased, but we see the legal profession as a noble calling. At it’s heart, the profession is about pursuing justice and ensuring everyone’s rights are protected. That said, we also realize a continuous, ethical, professional performance on the job is absolutely crucial to our work, and that some lawyers don’t always measure up. Lawyers can and do make mistakes and act improperly, and when they do, their clients can suffer grievous consequences.

Legal malpractice can take many forms, including missing a deadline, failing to respond to a motion, failing to sue the appropriate party, allowing a case to be wrongfully dismissed, or providing erroneous legal counsel.

Legal malpractice is a complex area of law. It requires the plaintiff to prove that as the client, they suffered real damage as the result of a negligent error or an unreasonable decision made by their attorney. Similar to other forms of malpractice–including medical malpractice–there is an assumed “standard of care” every professional must live up to, providing the same level of service as a reasonable person in the same field of work. Plaintiffs in these cases must show this standard of care was breached.

The lawyers and law firms involved in these cases fight very hard, and they can be incredibly difficult actions to win. At Kolsby Gordon, we have the resources and experience to represent you if you have been victimized by a lawyer.

Among the many types of legal malpractice that exist, please see some of the most common forms to the left. And if you feel that actions on behalf of your attorney caused damaged to your case, please call Kolsby Gordon today for a free evaluation.