Injuries to Children

There’s no getting around it. Injuries to an innocent child are devastating incidents that can lead to lifelong challenges not just for the child, but for the extended family as well.

This is true whether the injuries happen as the result of mistakes made by medical professionals, poor supervision under the charge of teachers or staff, or from the tragedy of physical abuse in an unsafe living situation.

Even more devastating, these children can be robbed of opportunities available to healthy children, and may require assistance to do even the most basic tasks, like brushing teeth, holding a book, or standing up.

Working with experts in the field of life care planning and economics, Kolsby Gordon has the ability to identify future costs and expenses and hold wrongdoers accountable for the future expenses that these parents face.

As attorneys, winning large verdicts and settlements on behalf of injured clients and their families is only part of our job. We feel our work extends beyond this, and take great pride in helping these victims make the best of life after an accident. Whether this includes establishing college savings accounts for young injured children, or helping a family identify the best life care services in the region, we do our best to help clients feel whole again.

If your child has suffered an injury that could have been prevented, please call Kolsby Gordon today for a free consultation.