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Property owners have a special set of responsibilities when it comes to keeping their space safe. Trustworthy construction, dependable maintenance, and timely clearing of hazards like snow and ice on sidewalks, or liquids on floors are essential to preventing injuries.

When buildings collapse, sidewalks become coated in ice, or floors are wet and slippery, the results can be extraordinarily dangerous—and can even result in death.

Those who are injured in premises liability cases benefit from Kolsby Gordon’s exceptional in-house expertise. Two of our attorneys have advanced engineering degrees, giving us a distinct advantage in explaining complex accidents—from falls to structural collapses—to juries. We also maintain strong relationships with experts nationwide that specialize in all fields related to premises liability accidents, including engineering, accident reconstruction, and construction.

Premises Liability Cases

$4.2 Million Settlement for failure to maintain the property free of ice

A gentleman was on a business property and was caused to sustain a fall on black ice, resulting in serious injuries. The property owner failed to inspect the property and, in fact, their conduct caused the ice to form.

$4.1 Million Settlement for property owners’ conduct created a danger and delayed emergency services ability to care for tenant

A college student suffered an asthmatic attack and called 911. EMS arrived at the apartment complex where access was limited by a front gate. The security guard was not at the front gate and EMS was unable to attain immediate access to the building. Further, the large complex did not have any signs identifying the different buildings and, once EMS entered the property, they were delayed for a significant period of time in locating the tenant. As a result of EMS being unable timely find the resident, medical care could not save the resident.

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