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Life After Medical Malpractice: Christine’s Story

Christine’s story. Christine has had to face more than anyone should have to. Her son, who was born with Down Syndrome, had a condition called Hirschsprung’s disease, which means he lacked the normal nerve cells in the colon near the rectum.

When he was four months old, her son underwent a surgery to correct his Hirschsprung’s disease. Unfortunately, during the procedure her son’s large intestine was injured so severely by the surgeon’s medical malpractice that it had to be removed. Without his large intestine, Christine’s son is now unable to form bowel movements, and for the rest of his life will suffer from uncontrollable diarrhea.

A tough decision. When she first came to Kolsby Gordon, Christine was hesitant to sue. In fact, the whole idea made her a little uncomfortable. So after our first meeting, we asked her to take some time and consider her options. We also asked her to spend a month writing down and tracking every every medication and medical supply her family had to buy with their own money to deal with and help manage her son’s condition.

Christine prepared the list, and at the end of the month we reviewed it with her. It turned out she was paying hundreds of dollars each month to care for her son—expenses that weren’t otherwise being covered. The process of making the list helped Christine realize the unfairness of the situation. She and her family were burdened with a lifetime of significant medical costs due solely to the carelessness of a healthcare provider.

Coming to that realization helped Christine make the tough decision to pursue her case.

The outcome. With her decision to move forward, the Kolsby Gordon team was able to help Christine get the financial resources she will need to ensure the kind of quality medical care her son will require for the rest of his life—even after she is no longer able to provide it herself.

During this process, all of us here at the firm came to admire this amazing woman, and we are glad we could help provide her and her son the kind of financial security and peace of mind they deserve.

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