Oak Creek: In Memoriam

August 5, 2013

Kolsby Gordon would like to send its thoughts and deepest condolences to the family members and loved ones of those lost in last year’s mass shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. One year ago today, a gunman stormed into a cherished Sikh temple there, killing six and injuring five more. It was a tragedy almost beyond belief—even in a nation that has unfortunately become all too injured by these kinds of attacks.

But in the wake of this senseless violence, the other extreme of the human condition shone through: compassion. The overwhelmingly compassionate response of neighbors, colleagues and friends of those worshipping in Oak Creek did not go unnoticed. The vigils and prayers, the small acts of kindness—every token of community support displayed in the past year has laid proof to the ability for good to always prevail over evil.

Those who carry out these hateful crimes seek to destroy community. That the primary outcome of this tragic incident has, in fact, been a stronger community is sweet consolation.

All of us at Kolsby Gordon extend our prayers to those who were impacted. We may be miles away, but we, too, remain part of your community.