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Dietary Supplement OxyElite Pro Recalled by USP Labs

by Mitchell J. Shore

Many people today take dietary supplements to enhance their wellbeing. Unfortunately, they also may present many physical dangers because there is little regulation as to what is placed in the supplements or, ultimately, their efficacy.

Recently, the FDA reported that a dietary supplement, OxyElite Pro, may be linked to liver illness and has been recalled. The company, USP Labs, took the action after receiving a letter from the FDA citing results from a review of medical records submitted by the Hawaii Department of health. Of the records reviewed, 58% of patients who had taken the dietary supplement OxyElite Pro suffered injuries. The FDA also reports that they have found individuals in other states who have experienced liver damage after use of OxyElite Pro.

If you, a friend or family member is taking OxyElite Pro you must stop taking the supplement immediately. If you are having any health issues you must contact your physician immediately. If you have taken this product in the past and believe you may have suffered a health issue, contact your physician immediately.

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