Courting Justice: Hey GM—Thanks for Listening

June 6, 2014

In my April 2, 2014 blog, Courting Justice: Hey GM—Do The Right Thing, I urged GM not to fight the lawsuits of people killed or injured by the ignition defect in their cars. I urged them to create a settlement fund to compensate the victims. Today, I was glad to learn that GM was listening to me (Quite frankly, this could be the first time someone actually listened to me).

Yesterday, CEO Mary Barra apologized to all GM employees for the defect and GM’s failure to timely recall the defective cars. She announced that GM would establish a settlement fund to compensate the victims of the crashes that have injured many and killed upwards to 74 people. Lastly, she fired 15 employees likely due to their involvement in this fiasco.

The firing thing is huge. Typically, when a large corporation screws up, they keep everyone close in order to control them should they be witnesses in a lawsuit. By firing 15 employees, some of which were high ranking executives, GM appears not to be circling the wagons nor gearing up to fight the lawsuits. Instead, it actually appears that GM will try to settle them.

Mary Barra—thanks for doing the right thing. And, thanks for listening.