Check your Freezer -Turkey Hill Ice Cream Recall

October 7, 2013

By Mitchell J. Shore

We love our ice cream!! Who can resist, especially during this most recent heat wave.

But please be careful, as this weekend Turkey Hill issued a voluntary recall of three flavors of ice cream—Peanut Butter Cup Premium Ice Cream, Fudge Ripple Premium Ice Cream and Moose Tracks Stuff’d Premium Dairy Dessert. The recall was issued over concerns that some of the packages could contain metal shavings. The ice cream would have been purchased after October 1, 2013 at select Turkey Hill Minit Markets and Walmarts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Additional information can be found below.

It is important to pay attention to food recalls that are published in order to best protect you and your family. Food manufactures have a responsibility to provide a safe product. This is even more important now that the government shutdown is limiting inspections, including FDA food safety inspections.

If you or a family member has suffered an injury from tainted food, the attorneys at Kolsby Gordon are available to assist you. Please contact us today.

Turkey Hill Fudge Ripple Premium Ice Cream
Size: 1.5 quart (48 Ounce)
UPC Code: 0-20735-11011-9
Sell By Date: 09/30/2014 42-092

Turkey Hill Moose Tracks Stuff’d Frozen Dairy Dessert
Size: 1 Pint (473 ml)
UPC Code: 0-20735-42025-6
Sell By Date: 09/27/2014 42-092

Turkey Hill Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Premium Ice Cream
Size: 1 Pint (473 ml)
UPC Code: 0-20735-42005-8
Sell By Date: 10/04/2014 42-092