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  • "They were just so warm. I just can’t say enough."
  • "Right from the beginning they were very genuine. They truly wanted what was best for our child. That gave us so much comfort."
  • "Kolsby, Gordon gave our daughter a life full of certainty that she would always have the equipment, medical services and resources that her disabilities required. These advantages in turn gave our daughter a more fulfilling life."
  • "They went out of their way to help me gather information on a sensitive case."

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For more than five decades, Kolsby Gordon has provided unsurpassed representation to clients, and our highly qualified attorneys continue to build upon this legacy.

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Finally, some peace of mind.

Learn how Kolsby Gordon’s medical malpractice team was able to help Christine get the financial resources she needs to ensure the kind of life-long, quality care her son now requires.

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Complications and Adverse Events Related to Robotic Surgery

October 28, 2014

Attorney Catherine A. Rothenberger discusses the drastic increase in the number of robotic surgeries being performed in the U.S. and the risks associated with them. Read more »


FDA Panel Supports Limits to Testosterone Use

September 18, 2014

On September 17, 2014, an FDA panel of experts voted to limit the use of testosterone to only men with serious medical issues, in light of concern that the drug is currently being prescribed for many non-serious issues. Read more »

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Courting Justice: What Happens in Hospitals Stays in Hospitals

October 2, 2014

Everyone’s heard the saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” This week, the New Jersey Supreme Court applied this thinking to—of all things—hospitals. Read more »


The Danger of Taking Your Own Medicine While in the Hospital

September 9, 2014

In this post, Kolsby Gordon attorney and former nurse Catherine A. Rothenberger discusses the danger of taking your own medicine in the hospital and offers tips for preventing medication errors. Read more »

Significant Verdicts and Settlements

Patient who suffered nerve damage from faulty surgical device receives $7.5 million settlement

Kolsby Gordon lawyers were able to show how the negligence of a surgeon and medical device manufacturer resulted in life-altering nerve damage for our client.

Medical malpractice victim harmed during surgery receives $10 million

During an elective upper endoscopy, the surgical team failed to ensure that the patient was appropriately oxygenated. As a result of this asphyxiation, the patient suffered irreversible brain damage.

Teen who suffered catastrophic brain damage awarded $18.5 million

A 15 year old boy was brought to the hospital after suffering injuries in a motor vehicle collision. Because a surgeon failed to perform necessary brain surgery in a timely manner, the young man suffered catastrophic brain damage.

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