Fatal spinal cord surgery results in $2.7 million settlement for patient’s family.

A 19-year-old woman was undergoing non-urgent spinal surgery. Her surgeon scheduled the procedure during the same period of time he was performing another spine surgery, as he believed he could go back and forth between operating rooms. When a complication arose during the other operation, he stayed with that operation even though our client’s surgery had already begun. Sadly, our client began to bleed out and the residents that remained in the room could neither stop it nor transfuse a sufficient amount of blood to restore the amount she lost. Our client bled to death on the operating room table.

Under PA law, the only damages recoverable from this horrible accident were her future lost earnings, which were approximately $1.5 million. Attorneys Allan Gordon, Mitchell Shore and Robert Hunn made it clear that this would be an insufficient settlement in light of the horrific conduct of the surgeon. At trial, the defendants ultimately settled the case at the end of the first day in court.