$2.75 million dollar recovery for pediatric surgical mistake

Our client was only four months old when he underwent a complicated operation to correct for a congenital condition called Hirschsprung’s disease. Patients who suffer from this condition lack nerve endings called ganglion cells in portions of the intestine, which tell the body to push material through the bowel. As a result, they face severe intestinal blockage.

The corrective surgery, transanal one-stage endorectal pull-through, is truly a feat of modern medicine and technology. It allows a physician to treat Hirschsprung’s disease by quite literally pulling the intestinal tract to find ganglion cells and connecting the functioning portion of the intestine to the anus.

Unfortunately, demonstrably negligent conduct on behalf of the young child’s physician effectively defeated the purpose of the operation. During surgery, the doctor pulled so much of the intestine from the child’s body that he was unable to replace it. As a result, this four-month-old boy, who also suffers from Down Syndrome, had to have his colon removed, and now has uncontrollable bowel movements which will likely last for the rest of his life.

Kolsby Gordon was able to work with the child’s distraught parents to craft a settlement that will be able to take care of his future medical needs for the rest of his life.