Medical Malpractice Cases

$3.5 million recovery for the family of child injured during birth

A baby was born with a twist in his intestines known as a malrotation, apparent through his persistent bile vomit, a clear sign of the medical emergency. Malrotation requires surgery to untwist before a perforation in the bowel occurs. Despite the fact that the infant vomited bile over the next 24 hours and an X-ray showed clear signs of the malrotation, nothing was done. Ultimately, the bowel perforated and had to be removed. Two years later, the child had to undergo a bowel transplant as a result of the delays.

Birth injury results in brain damage and death of child.

During the end of the plaintiff’s pregnancy, she suffered a complication that required immediate medical attention to prevent injury to the baby. Despite the fact that the plaintiff rushed to the emergency room, she was ignored for a hours while in the waiting room. As a result, the baby was deprived of oxygen, suffered brain damage and died four days after birth. Our plaintiff received $3.5 million as a result of this horrific medical oversight.

Medical misdiagnosis leads to $3.125 million recovery.

A misdiagnosis of our plaintiff’s eye disorder resulted in inappropriate treatment damaging the plaintiff’s vision.

Brain damaged patient receives $7.5 million.

Following a routine outpatient procedure, the hospital staff failed to react to signs that the patient was deteriorating into respiratory distress. By the time action was taken, it was too late and the patient suffered catastrophic brain damage.

Family of brain damaged child receives $6 million recovery.

A six-year-old girl was hospitalized with pneumonia and was ventilated. A physician removed her endotracheal tube even though there were indications that the child had not recovered to the point where she could breath on her own. After the endotracheal tube was removed, the child could not sufficiently oxygenate herself and suffered permanent brain damage.

Kolsby Gordon was able to achieve a settlement that was sufficient to purchase an annuity to pay for the care this child would need for the remainder of her life.

Misdiagnosed cancer leads to $5.3 million recovery.

Our plaintiff underwent a biopsy of a mole on his back. The biopsy was read as normal when in fact the mole showed signs of the early stages of cancer. The cancer was not diagnosed until years later, after it had spread throughout his body, and the delayed diagnosis cost the plaintiff the chance of treating the cancer early and curing the disease.

Women receives $7.5 million for injury caused by defective medical device.

A young woman suffered permanent impairment of her arm due to a defective medical device used during surgery.

Medical malpractice victim harmed during surgery receives $10 million

During an elective upper endoscopy, the surgical team failed to ensure that the patient was appropriately oxygenated. As a result of this asphyxiation, the patient suffered irreversible brain damage.

Teen who suffered catastrophic brain damage awarded $18.5 million

A 15-year-old boy was brought to the hospital after suffering injuries in a motor vehicle collision. Because a surgeon failed to perform necessary brain surgery in a timely manner, the young man suffered catastrophic brain damage.