Defective Medical Devices Cases

Patient who suffered nerve damage from faulty surgical device receives $7.5 million settlement

A young professional, running to catch a train, tripped and fell down a flight of concrete steps. As part of the treatment for her rotator cuff injury, she underwent an arthroscopic procedure involving an electrothermal heating probe.

As Kolsby Gordon lawyers later proved, the device had been repeatedly connected with causing nerve damage. The manufacturer was aware of the conditions that led to the nerve damage, and presentations had been made at top conferences about how to prevent it. Yet neither her surgeon nor the manufacturer took the steps necessary to prevent the nerve damage from occurring to her shoulder during the procedure.

The resulting damage was chronic and debilitating—afterwards she required long-term help with even basic chores, as well as around-the-clock opiates for pain management. Because of the negligence of the doctor and the manufacturer, her career was finished. Kolsby Gordon helped our client secure a significant settlement that covers future medical and living expenses as she moves forward with her life.

Six-figure settlement after faulty surgical tool leads to infection and death.

A bronchoscope that was used in a lung transplant patient was defective in such a way that it resulted in a fatal infection.

Kolsby Gordon represents numerous plaintiffs in Dow Corning breast implant cases.

Dow Corning breast implants were initially sold as safe and non-reactive with human tissue, but were shown to leak, tear, and interact with human tissue in a way that caused an array of illnesses. Kolsby Gordon litigated on behalf of several clients to secure exceptional case victories.

Kolsby Gordon represents numerous plaintiffs in Dalkon Shield cases.

The Dalkon Shield IUD was sold as birth control in the early 1970s. It was later found that the contraceptive device caused miscarriages, infertility, and severe damage to female organs. Kolsby Gordon attorneys achieved strong results for several clients in these cases.

Women receives $7.5 million for injury caused by defective medical device.

A young woman suffered permanent impairment of her arm due to a defective medical device used during surgery.