Premises Liability Cases

Faulty elevator causes permanent injuries.

A property owner noticed a loud crashing noise when a load shifted in his elevator. Afterwards, the doors did not seem to function normally—they were tight and hard to open.  The property owner did not routinely maintain the elevator, nor did he contract with anyone else to do it, so the defendant property owner did not realize that the door locking device had broken.

A few weeks later, our client, a visitor to the building, pushed the elevator button, waited for the doors to open, and stepped through the door assuming the elevator was there. In fact it was on a higher floor at the time, and our client fell 15 feet sustaining permanent and debilitating injuries. Kolsby Gordon represented the injured visitor in achieving a six-figure settlement to compensate him for lost wages, medical care, and pain and suffering.

Metal projectile becomes lodged in workers’ chest.

A vendor instructed employees at a manufacturing plant in an unusual technique to loosen tight machinery bolts. The technique involved using a customized sledgehammer, provided by the vendor (and emblazoned with the vendor’s name), to strike the heads of the bolts.

When our client plaintiff attempted this, a piece of metal broke off and lodged in the worker’s chest, causing permanent, debilitating injuries that will require long-term medical care and prevent the worker from supporting himself or even completing the most basic tasks. Kolsby Gordon was able to secure the client a seven-figure settlement out of court.