Legal Malpractice Cases

Firm targeted with frivolous lawsuit receives confidential multi-million dollar recovery.

A New York equity firm was targeted by an international law firm and sued for no reason other than they had deep pockets. Once the lawsuit against the equity firm was dismissed, the equity firm sued the law firm for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

Legal malpractice results in $1 million verdict.

In an earlier case, the plaintiffs were being sued by a former employee for defamation, and the law firm they chose to represent them hid the fact that their own negligent conduct was the reason they were being sued. Four years into the case these plaintiffs learned the truth, fired the law firm and settled the case.

Kolsby Gordon then worked with the plaintiffs to sue the law firm and recoup the legal fees they paid, as well as the cost of the settlement. Until the first day of trial, the law firm vehemently defended its conduct. However, when it came time to face the jury, defendants paid almost twice the amount of the settlement and legal fees.