Dangerous Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

Today’s pharmaceuticals are remarkably advanced and powerful. Many diseases that were acute or fatal just a few decades ago can now be managed with the use of prescription medications.

However, these potent compounds and chemicals can also have a down side: they can have unintended effects in patients. In the rush to get new drugs into the marketplace, some pharmaceutical companies fail to perform the adequate safety tests or provide the necessary warning labels that would ensure the safety of new users. Profit becomes the motivating factor and patient health, integral to the longevity and success of a new drug, is compromised.

Our team is uniquely qualified to handle pharmaceutical cases. At other firms, lawyers learn about pharmaceuticals from nurse consultants, textbooks, and evening courses. At Kolsby Gordon, two of our lawyers are board-certified medical doctors who understand the language of medicine.

The attorneys at Kolsby Gordon are recognized as national leaders in achieving exceptional results for those who are injured by pharmaceuticals.