Products Liability

Creating a product and selling it in the marketplace is a complex process. Through development, design, assembly, and marketing it for appropriate use, there is plenty of room for an error to occur. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer and federal organizations like the Consumer Product Safety Commission to oversee this process, and ensure that user safety is a top priority.

  • A product can cause serious harm to an individual in a variety of ways. These can include:
  • Deceptive marketing or advertising materials
  • Faulty safety mechanisms
  • Harmful side effects
  • Lack of appropriate warning labels
  • Manufacturer design

At Kolsby Gordon, we are experienced in proving products liability cases in the courtroom. These difficult cases often include large–and in some cases, multiple–companies with sizable legal teams defending them.

Yet Kolsby Gordon has a distinct advantage over other firms–two of our attorneys have advanced engineering degrees, and can thoroughly explain to a judge and jury the complex relationship between products and the injuries they can cause—whether the defect is in the design, manufacture, or marketing.

We also have strong relationships with experts nationwide, including engineering, mechanical and electrical specialists, and research and development specialists. Creating these large networks allows us to bring in thought leaders from each industry that can explain and challenge manufacturers who create shoddy and defective products.

If you or your family have been injured by using a product or machine, and feel the injury could have been prevented by a safer product, please call Kolsby Gordon today.