Dram Shop Liability

“Dram shop” liability is an area of law that concerns the duty of bar, tavern, liquor store and restaurant owners not to serve alcohol to visibly intoxicated customers.

With the loss of rational judgment that comes with intoxication, bar owners may be inclined to ply intoxicated customers with additional drinks to increase sales.  Intoxication can lead to unintentional harm, commonly including drunk driving accidents that injure themselves or others. Dram shop laws make bar owners liable for these types of accidents.

Dram shop cases can be particularly difficult, as the plaintiff must prove that he or she was visibly intoxicated by providing testimonials and witnesses. The attorneys of Kolsby Gordon have litigated many cases involving dram shop laws in Pennsylvania, and are deeply skilled at uncovering the facts behind these kinds of cases.

If you have been injured by someone who recently left a drinking establishment, contact a Kolsby Gordon lawyer today.