Radiology Errors

The breadth of technology available to help physicians and other medical practitioners diagnose and treat patients is miraculous. But these technologies also require skilled and knowledgeable technicians who know how to properly operate machines and interpret results.

A medical diagnosis may often be dependent on the interpretation of an x-ray or other imaging study and, if read improperly, a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis may occur.

For example, if a mammogram is misread, cancer could go untreated. If a brain MRI is misread, a tumor could be missed. If an x-ray is misread, a fracture could go unnoticed. An improper diagnosis can also cause numerous catastrophic injuries, including cancer, stroke, aortic aneurysms and internal head injuries.

The attorneys at Kolsby Gordon have decades of experience representing victims of radiology errors. If you feel you had an imaging study that was misread, please call a Kolsby Gordon attorney.