Abuse of Process

The legal system is designed to ensure everyone’s rights are respected and that the truth always has more than a fighting chance to emerge. However, some unscrupulous lawyers know how to abuse the complex legal system to cause harm to someone, gain unfair advantage, or inflict unnecessary costs and burdens on their opponents.

If taken too far, these abuses can be actionable–meaning that those who are harmed can sue the lawyer for malpractice.

Probably the most well known abuse of process is the filing of frivolous lawsuits in the first place. But abuses can also occur with the issuing of unnecessary subpoenas or motions that are designed solely to slow the discovery process or otherwise entangle the proceedings. They can also occur in both civil and criminal procedures.

If you think you may have been harmed because of a lawyer’s abuse of process, know your rights by calling Kolsby Gordon today.