Child Abuse

There is nothing more disturbing and upsetting than stories of a child being abused. Physical and sexual abuse of a child should never be tolerated in our society.

In addition to criminal penalties, our civil justice system holds abusers responsible for their actions, and enablers of abusers accountable for letting them do so. A child who has been abused will likely need years of medical services or psychological counseling. By holding abusers and enablers responsible, the compensation recovered can be used to improve the quality of the child’s life and pay for these expensive medical and psychological services.

At Kolsby Gordon, we have represented children abused by adults who were entrusted with their care, children who have been enslaved in the world of child pornography, and children who fell through cracks in the Department of Health Services (DHS) or Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) systems.

If you have concerns for a child you believe has been abused, Kolsby Gordon can represent their interests in the civil justice system as well as during the criminal prosecution of the abuser. Call a Kolsby Gordon lawyer today.