Injuries to Children

There is nothing that can take more of an emotional toll on a parent then an injury to their child. Will they be ok? Will this affect them when they are old? Will the injury limit them in any way or limit their employment or other opportunities in the future?

When representing a child, a lawyer cannot simply look at how the injury currently affects the family but also must consider the future. With our years of experience and knowledge in representing the interests of children, Kolsby Gordon lawyers have the ability to fully investigate your child’s needs with this in mind, and can obtain the compensation they deserve  to help them live a full, happy and productive life.

We work with experts in the field of education, vocation and medicine to insure that full effects of a child’s injuries are compensated.  And, because we have attorneys who are also doctors, Kolsby Gordon has the deep knowledge needed to advocate on behalf of children.

Our work speaks volumes of our commitment to children. We have seen to it that special trusts are set up to provide lifelong medical care for children born with cerebral palsy. We have recovered compensation for children who have been sexually abused so they can receive the counseling and support they need. We have secured the financial future of children whose parents were negligently killed.  We have recovered money for the loss of a child’s future earning capacity resulting from injuries that impair their employment horizons.

For even more information about Kolsby Gordon’s work in this field,  visit our comprehensive page on injuries that children may face. If your child has been harmed by the negligence of another,  Kolsby Gordon has the knowledge, experience and dedication to to bring about results that will secure your child’s future.