Practice Areas

Our accomplished team of attorneys has led the charge in bringing clients of all kinds a level of justice after an injury.

For over six decades, people have come to Kolsby Gordon when they (or someone they love) have suffered as the result of a someone else’s mistake, carelessness or negligence.

In the years since our founding, we have expanded the types of cases we take on, working with our in-house team of legal scholars and bringing in some of the nation’s leading experts on specialized areas of practice. We have a track record of taking novel approaches to cases in areas that include car and truck accidents, medical malpractice mistakes, birth injuries and more. We have also successfully resolved class action cases concerning major pharmaceuticals like the diet drug Fen-Phen and the pregnancy medication diethylstilbestrol (DES).

To learn more about the specific kinds of cases we take on, and how we can help you and your family during your time of struggle, please click any of our areas of practice to the left.