Courting Justice: Why Is Healthcare So Expensive?

September 24, 2013

By Robert N. Hunn

If you think I can intelligently answer that question in a blog, you’re kidding yourself. But someone has intelligently answered that question in a video blog. His name is John Green and in about seven minutes, in a clear, concise and easily understood language, Mr. Green tells you everything you need to know about why healthcare in America is so expensive. Check out his video below.

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So here’s my take on this. Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Big Insurance (and you know who you are) have spent decades misleading the general public to believe that the excessive cost of healthcare is due to lawyers, doctors, obese people, defensive medicine, couch potatoes and over-utilization. This false contention has kept the public’s attention away from the real problem, which I will try to sum up as follows: healthcare providers and healthcare insurers come up with prices that have no rational relationship to the true value of the medical service or medical device being provided. Period. End of story.

There is a new documentary that can be downloaded from the web called, “Escape Fire” which details why the current healthcare model is a profit-driven nightmare and how it can become a patient-driven success. Lawyers are not the problem and doctors are not the problem. Check out the documentary to appreciate the real problem and that there are solutions available to us.