We recognize that our clients come to us at a difficult time in their lives. From beginning to end, it’s about you, your family, and finding justice.

Firm Updates

The attorneys of Kolsby Gordon have been featured in many publications in Philadelphia and throughout the region.

In these instances, our attorneys are lauded for the exemplary verdicts and settlements they so often achieve. But as deeply-involved members of the community, we also take great pride when an attorney is celebrated because of the work he or she has done outside of the office. In this vein, we have provided updates when one of our colleagues has taken on a new leadership position, volunteered with a charitable organization, or joined our team.

We hope you choose to keep up-to-date with Kolsby Gordon as our firm continues to grow.

One of the World’s Most Popular Tourist Destinations, Grand Floridian, Faces Tragedy

June 27, 2016

It seems unimaginable; the devastating news reported about the 2- year- old boy from Elkhorn, Nebraska who was snatched off a Walt Disney World beach by an alligator and dragged underwater resulting in death by suffocation. Is Disney legally responsible for the child’s death? Under the law, visitors to Disney World are considered “invitees” of […]

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The cost of medical malpractice insurance has been dropping for about a decade

June 20, 2016

For decades there have been myths about Medical Malpractice and who is to blame for the high cost of health care. You’ve often heard that one reason health care costs are skyrocketing in this country is because doctors pay too much for medical malpractice insurance premiums. The public’s been told that their medical bills are […]

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BMW Recalls Nearly 200,000 Crossovers

June 20, 2016

          BMW’s Crossovers are as kid-friendly as any other automaker’s vehicle, although a new recall may give some families a reason to hesitate before heading out for errands or a road trip. BMW issued a recall for almost 200,000 Crossovers due to child seat troubles. A part of the automobile that […]

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Statute of Limitations on Child Sex Abuse Argued in Pa. Senate Hearing

June 16, 2016

Recent child abuse scandals have drawn attention to the time restrictions the law places on those who want to bring charges against their alleged abusers.  Mark Rozzi, a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, is fighting for a House Bill that would end time limits for criminal charges and would permit adults up to […]

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Kolsby Gordon Giving Back to the Community

June 9, 2016

  At Kolsby Gordon there is a strong commitment to giving back to the community. Kolsby Gordon proudly supports numerous charitable and civic organizations. Partner Robert N. Hunn gives back to the community by taking a leadership role in the battle to end homelessness. Mr. Hunn serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors […]

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